Rocket Mater 4-pack diecast with Big Fan Cars Toon Mater the Greater Disney Pixar

This is the mater the greater 4-pack exclusive from mattel toys.

Tow Mater likes to go Tractor Tippin at night & runs “Tow Mater Towing and Salvage.” His catchphrases are “Dad gum!” and “Git-R-Done!” In Cars 2, since Mater plays a role in as espia secreto spy agent, he is added several gadgets, same as Finn Mcmissile & Holley Shiftwell. They are activated by voice commands. This device makes a disguise all around Mater, like Ivan Mater, Kabuki Mater, stealth mater, dragster Drag Star Mater, and taco truck Mater. He’s also called Burák, Takel, Złomek, Мэтр, Bärgarns, Bucsă, Martin. .
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