♫ We wish you a Merry Christmas for Kids! ♫ Christmas Songs for Children – Morphle’s Nursery Rhymes

Another one of the Christmas songs for children by Mila and her magic pet: Here, Morphle becomes a Christmas tree, and we sing “Happy New Year!”, with my entire family.

We have more christmas songs for children on our channel page! We hope that all parents enjoy the other songs on our Mila and her magic pet website for children aswell, and if there are any nursery rhymes you want us to make a video of, please give a thumbs up below. We want your imput!

All our videos are aimed at learning and we try to make them as educational als possible. If parents have suggestions on how to make them more educational you can contact us, with video parenting tips 🙂 Because at Mila and her Magic pet we think an educated child is a healthy child.