McDonald Indoor Playground for Kids Happy Meal Surprise Toys Shopkins Rabbids Ryan ToysReview

Ryan and his mom had a family fun time going to McDonald indoor playground area for kids! Great Children play center with slides and climbing areas!!! Ryan also open surprise McDonald Happy Meal Toys like Shopkins and Rabbids! Each Set of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys comes with 2 Shopkins! There are a total of 56 Shopkins to collects! Watch to see which toys we opened! There toys are lots of fun to play with! Great toy collections for kids!... Read More

DIY Hand Bell | Make It Play It! | Lah-Lah

Lah-Lah and Buzz visit the ‘Make It, Play It’ kids and have fun guessing which instrument they’re making. Do you know which musical instrument it is? Subscribe now at
Lah-Lah, Buzz the Bandleader with Lola his dancing double bass, Mister Saxophone, Squeezy Sneezy the piano accordion and Tom Tom on drums are five friends who love playing music together. Lah-Lah has chosen some of her favourite videos from her TV Series ‘Lah-Lah’s Adventures’ plus lots of music clips to sing and dance along to. Maybe you’d like to make a home-made musical instrument from the ‘Make It Play It’ playlist? Or see if you can guess the Secret Sound before Lah-Lah and the band? Whether you join the jam in Get The Groove or meet a new instrument in Band On The Bus there’s lots to watch.... Read More

Preschool Learning with Blippi | Learn Colors with Songs for Toddlers

Let your toddler learn colors with Blippi and this preschool learning lesson video with songs for toddlers! Over an hour of educational videos for toddlers and preschool learning with Blippi helping your toddler learn colors as well as Counting, and more! Blippi is a funny host that allows for easy preschool learning with the help of machines like Trains, Tractors and more in this video! For more Blippi Educational Videos for Toddlers please subscribe to Read More