Play Doh Easter Eggs Peppa Pig Tutorial how-to Make Peppa Pig Family Easter Eggs with Playdough

Disney Collector presents this tutorial on how-to make Easter Eggs for your Peppa Pig Family using play-doh Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tools and 4 colors of playdoh. Peppa Pig gets red playdoh, Daddy Pig uses green, George uses blue, and Mommy pig gets orange. Hope you liked my tutorial on how to decorate your Easter eggs for your 2014 Holiday event. THX 4 watching this toy review and checkout my new 2014 play-doh playlist with the latest reviews and turorials.... Read More

Play Doh Minions Easter Eggs! Make PlayDoh Stuart Dave Despicable Me Disney Monsters University Toys

Disney Collector presents: Play-Doh Easter Eggs Minions Attack! Here’s how to Make your Play-Doh Minion Baby Carl, Playdoh Evil Purple, Playdoh Tim from DreamWorks Animation Despicable Me as Easter Eggs with help from Action Figure Dave Singing Banana! In this video I created custom clay Easter eggs with Monsters University surprise toys inside. THX 4 watching this “Playdoh Surprise Eggs” from toychannel Disneycollector and please checkout my new 2014 playdoh playlist. And THX Dave for singing the “Banana song” I will tell Gru you did awesome!... Read More

Hypno-Test trailer with Chuck T. Chipperson!

The most prized artefact in Supa Strikas’ club history is the Secret Training Manual. The book travels to the Museum of the Beautiful Game in Los Angeles, where Supa Strikas are set to play FC Technicali. But Shakes uncovers a nefarious plot involving hypnosis… and their own training manual!... Read More