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Goodbye, Sweet Kona

Today our family will be sharing some of the saddest news we have had since we became a family. Our sweet Kona is gone. She was such a big part of our family. We got her when David was just a baby, and I chose her from her litter because she had the prettiest looking head. We brought her home on a rainy Valentine’s Day evening and we were so excited about having our first puppy. Since then, Kona became a mother herself, then she “mothered” our new puppy Hana. The two of them have been inspirable since the day Hana joined our family. This vlog tells the story of her last day with us and also celebrates her beautiful life. Thank you all for being a part of our story, even during the hard times like today. Our family is very very sad. The day after this video, we were going to take Kona on her first road trip, and she never got to go :(
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Golden Retriever Mommy Hiding From Her Puppies

After nursing her puppies for almost 2 weeks for what seemed like 24 hours a day, Kona finally had enough. I think she just wanted to be away from her puppies and get a break from nursing! We came down in the morning and found her in a plastic tub. She stayed so long that I decided to record it. We later recorded her getting into the tub because it seemed to silly for such a big dog to act like a tiny tub was comfortable for her.
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Most Adorable Golden Retriever Puppies (Music: Oceans of Love by DidiPop)

This slideshow is composed of my own photography of our adorable Golden Retriever pups. There are 5 boys and 4 girls. We named them: Hilo, Hana, Moana, Rainbow, Kalani, Ohana, Loopi (aka Aloha), Maui, and Makai. All of the photos were taken within their first 3 weeks of life. The beautiful music in the background of this video is called “Oceans of Love” (on Bunny in the Moon CD by DidiPopMusic). It is available on iTunes with all her other great kids music at:
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Stone Statue Dog

Watch our dog stand in the same place for almost 3 minutes without hardly moving,
or watch from 1:15 until 2:20 to see the kids playing/fighting.
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2-Year-Old Twin Insists on Saying Prayer Over Dinner

Every single night one of my twins has a meltdown of some sort if he isn’t chosen to say the prayer.
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Живая энциклопедия: Алтайский заповедник

Уникальная по красоте территория Алтайского заповедника расположена в центральной и восточной частях Алтая, включая акваторию Телецкого озера. По границам заповедника располагаются высокие хребты, для большинства из них характерен высокогорный альпийский рельеф с узкими гребнями и острыми пиками. На территории заповедника известно 1480 видов сосудистых растении. В фауне заповедника 73 вида млекопитающих, 310 птиц, 6 рептилий и 2 амфибии. Рыб в заповеднике насчитывается 16 видов.
Печоро-Илычский заповедник, получивший свое название от расположения в междуречье рек Печоры и Илыча, является крупнейшим природным биосферным фондом девственных таежных массивов Европейской России, типичной и уникальной флоры и фауны.
Карадаг (пер. Черная гора) – древний вулкан, действовавший 150 млн. лет назад. Расположен в окрестностях Коктебеля. Его история началась в 1901 году, когда приват-доцент Московского университета Т.Н. Вяземский купил здесь небольшое запущенное имение и построил научную биологическую станцию, с годами превратившуюся в природный заповедник с территорией в двадцать с лишним квадратных километров на суше и около десяти на море. Цель заповедника – сохранение и изучение первозданной флоры и фауны этого интереснейшего, единственного в Европе ларца, сохранившего в течение миллионов лет свей первоначальный облик.... Read More