Barney Goes to School [1990, VHS]

Join Barney as he enjoys a typical day at school with the Backyard Gang. And joining them in finger-painting, pretend, and learning such center activities as ABC’s and 123’s (not to mention scampering after a mischievous hamster named “Zippity”), he discovers why the kids love going to school each weekday – learning is so much fun!... Read More

Barney’s Great Adventure – The Movie [1998, VHS – American Release]

A trip to Grandpa’s farm turns into an incredible journey as Barney and the gang look high and low for a magic egg that’s about to hatch something very special. It’s full of friends everyone knows by name, new songs plus some of your favorites, and adventures thrilling enough to live over and over again. So join the search for the magical egg, and find everything you’re looking for in great family entertainment.... Read More

Barney’s Big Surprise [1998, VHS]

Shhh! Barney the Dinosaur is planning a Super-Dee-Duper surprise party for BJ and it’s going to be a musical extravaganza! Professor Tinkerputt will be there. So will Mother Goose and many of her favorite fairy tale friends. From the totally tee-riffic treehouse to Tinkerputt’s toy factory, this is one celebration full of fun and music you won’t soon forget. But whatever you do, don’t tell BJ.... Read More

Сборник самых смешных серий мультфильма Фееринки 😛

Веселимся с феями вместе!
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00:00 Серия 10 Чудо техники
11:28 Серия 13 Леденцы с капризами
22:08 Серия 15 Высокие каблуки
32:48 Серия 19 Как улучшить фею
43:28 Серия 20 Они поменялись местами
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