Klip Kitz Toy Story How To Build Spaceship With Buzz Lightyear Disney Pixar To Infinity and Beyond

From disney pixar toy story 3, this is klip kitz buzz lightyear with spaceship. Snap, klip lock your pieces together to make your own unique Buzz Lightyear and his spaceship model. Will you have Buzz Lightyear clipped into his rocketship flying through space with flames billowing from his rockets? Will he landed on an alien planet? Or maybe you’d prefer to have him “in his packaging” as he first appeared in Toy Story? All you have to do to change his position is unlock the models, pose them how you want them, then lock them up again! The set even comes with stickers to decorate Buzz and his spaceship. The Klip Kitz Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear and Rocket kit is a great creative Toy Story 3 model kit. ... Read More