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6 New Cars 2 Airport Mater, Lightning McQueen & Sally, Tubbs Pacer Paint Spray, Tolga Trunkov 2013

From disney pixar cars 2, here we have 6 diecasts from the new 2013 movie moments collection. From Airport Adventure you get airport mater with Holley Shiftwell. From Lemons you get Tubbs pacer with paint spray and black tolga trunkov. And from “wheel well motel” you get hudson hornet piston cup lightning mcqueen and his lovely girlfriend Sally Carrera with a dining table.... Read More

NEW 2013 CARS 2 Long Ge Racer From China Chase Diecast Disney Store Chinese Pixar 汽車總動員2

Hello cars fans, this is racer “Long Ge”, Chinese race car from China. This is a1:43 scale diecast part of the new 2013 chase edition from disneystore. Long-Ge is also caled 汽車總動員2. He comes in this really cool collector acrylic display case, but can be removed from the display-case. This diecast cars can be found at disney stores and online for $6.50... Read More