Barney – Imagination Island (1994, VHS) [1999 Release]

A storybook adventure comes to life when Tosha and Min discover that their wish to sail on a ship to Imagination Island is possible with a little help from Barney! On board, they are surprised to find Baby Bop, BJ, Shawn and Derek. Suddenly, a giant wave strands the ship atop a group of palm trees. As the crew explores the jungle island they meet Professor Tinkerputt – a toy inventor who doesn’t want anyone to play with his toys. Can Barney and his friends show the professor that good things happen when you share?... Read More

Barney’s Sense-Sational Day (1997, VHS)

Barney discusses the subject of our five senses, and he encourages the kids to use video to capture everything they see, hear, touch, smell, or taste over the course of a day. When they’re done with that, everyone gets involved in making a movie with BJ in the lead, much to his delight. There’s only one word to describe this much fun: Sense-Sational!... Read More

🔴 ПРЯМОЙ ЭФИР! LIVE Маша и Медведь 👱‍♀️🐻 Последний день зимы ❄️✨

Маша и Медведь 💥 Все новые серииВсеНовыеСерии2022
Маша и Медведь 💥 Все сезоныВсеСезоныПодряд
Маша и Медведь 💥ПодписывайсяПодпишисьНаМашу... Read More

Barney & Friends – #216 The Alphabet Zoo (1999 Release)

Leaming can be terrific fun when Barney and his classroom friends, Shawn, Julie, Tina and Derek use letters to imagine an ALPHABET ANIMAL ZOO. Their pretend zoo is a very special place where children can imitate animals, play animal guessing games and sing about camels, kookaburras and tigers. The
group is joined by two new visitors: Julie’s Aunt Molly who tells a silly story using animal sounds and Jason, who shows the group how to say “I love you” in sign language.... Read More

Update on Chloe’s injury, First Walk & Newborn Footprints || Mommy Monday

Don’t be too jealous of the last few minutes of this vlog… dad doesn’t do much cooking, but when he does, it’s always breakfast and it’s always GOOD! In other news, Chloe went on her first walk outside, which was also her first time riding in her stroller. We also took her newborn foot prints. If anyone has tips for doing hand prints, let me know!... Read More