Play Doh Minion Baby Carl Build A Minion PLAY-DOH With GRU & Stuart Action Figure Despicable Me 2

From Despicable Me 2 this is the Play-Doh Build A Minion Baby Carl Deluxe Action Figure with help of Gru and Stuart Talking Figures. This is 2 toys in 1. Snap in the parts for Minion Baby Carl or Party Baby version with party hat & blower. He’s 5 inches tall. Here i’m showing how-to do-it-yourself playdoh. Its really easy to DIY you can even use softee dough. Now its time to feed him some banana LOL. THX for watching this toy review From Thinkway Toys reviewed by disneycollector. ... Read More

Волшебная лаборатория – Нанотехнология – Космос (Часть 11)

Какую роль играют нанотехнологии в освоение космоса? Когда космический лифт будет поднимать нас в небо на 36 000 километров? Самый смелые задумки ученых в одиннадцатой лекции Анатолия Вассермана.... Read More