Morphle and the Painting Monster – Cartoons for Kids | My Magic Pet Morphle

In this special My Magic Pet Morphle cartoon ‘Morphle and the Painting Monster’, Mila and Morphle visit the town painter who has painted a wonderful monster. they’re curious how fast the monster would be in real life and ask the magic pet Animi to breathe life into it. The monster doesn’t want to play by their rules and soon Mila and Morphle have to save the painter and the town from a monster attack. ... Read More

Barney Rhymes with Mother Goose (1993 VHS, Full in HD)

Barney & Friends #115
Originally aired on television as “Let’s Help Mother Goose!” on April 24, 1992.
Children will be delighted to sing and play with Barney in “Barney Rhymes with Mother Goose”. Mother Goose needs help because a bookworm has eaten the pages of her book! Barney and his friends help Mother Goose remember her favorite nursery rhymes. This episode, as seen on TV, features songs, dances, puzzles, and puppets. Barney’s friends learn how much fun a book can be!... Read More

Barney & Friends #109: Caring Means Sharing (1993 VHS, Full in HD)

Originally Aired: April 16, 1992
Barney is a very large dinosaur — but there may not be enough of him to go around when Min and Kathy quarrel over whose turn it is to play with their big purple pal. Coming from a big family, Min is tired of sharing — but joins her friends in an exploration of ways to share fun and work. Baby Bop learns a lesson about being greedy; a puppet show of “”The Little Red Hen”” teaches that rewards and responsibilities are linked. And Barney has a magic gift for Min to help change her mind about sharing!... Read More