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Hide & Seek | Sing Along With Tobee

Tobee is sad that he had to leave the park before he could play his favorite game, Hide-and-Seek! Caitie has the perfect idea – they can sing the song, “Hide-and-Seek!” And then, they can play an indoor version of Hide-and-Seek with a ball and some cups. Yay! Tobee has a great time and no longer sad! ... Read More

Five Little Pumpkins | Sing Along With Tobee | Halloween Song for Kids

It’s almost Halloween and Pirate Tobee can’t wait to carve pumpkins! Caitie has an idea – they can walk around the neighborhood and check out the jack-o-lanterns to help them decide what faces to carve in their own pumpkins! But first, Caitie says they should practice counting by singing a song about different pumpkin faces called “Five Little Pumpkins!” Pirate Tobee loves the song and is ready to see all the jack-o-lanterns and then make his own!... Read More