Staying Nice & Clean – Caitie’s Classroom Sing-Along Show – Hygiene Songs for Kids

In this sing-along, Caitie is teaching us songs that make getting super clean super fun! We sing our way through brushing our teeth, having a bath, getting ready for the day, and cleaning our room with the popular songs Brush Your Teeth, The Bath Song, This Is The Way, and Clean Up. Follow and sing along with Caitie and we’ll all be nice and clean in no time!... Read More

Cool Joe Loses His Groove Pt 2 | Supa Strikas Season 3 | Full Episode Compilation | Soccer Cartoons!

When Cool Joe gets signed by a big record label it’s a dream come true for the Supa Strikas winger. But soon he gets caught up in show business – losing the groove in both his music and on the soccer field! With Supa Strikas dependent on him for a crucial Iron Tank match, will Cool Joe face the music about his newfound career?... Read More

Blippi Wonders – Learn How Flies Walk On Ceilings! | Blippi Cartoon | Cartoons For Kids

Lunch is ready! Prepared to eat his delicious sandwich, Blippi notices his old friend Horace the Fly. Horace is walking upside down on the ceiling, and after shrinking down, Blippi joins him. But how does Horace stick to the ceiling? A musical song and dance from Horace is the best way to find out!
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