Машины сказки – Пойди туда не знаю куда, принеси то не знаю что (Серия 24)

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Все дети любят слушать и смотреть сказки. А Маша, оказывается, очень любит их рассказывать!!! Сказочница Маша по-новому рассказывает детскую сказку “Пойди туда не знаю куда, принеси то не знаю что”.... Read More

20 Surprise Eggs Walking With Dinosaurs Simpsons Family Guy Pixar Cars Disney Planes 2014 Huevos

Here’s another unboxing unwrapping of 20 Surprise Eggs and Blind Bags from Kinder Surprise Disney Pixar Cars 2, Walking with Dinosaurs 2014 movie edition, Disney Planes, Angry Birds Star Wars with Princess Leia, Squinkies Disney Pixar Cars with Fillmore Luigi, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, Skylanders Giants, Angry Birds Egg Surprise with Green Bird, Ben10, DC Comics Mystery Minis, The Flintstones, The Smurfs, Disney Pixar Cars2 with Racer Shu Todoroki, Batman The Dark Knight, Superman Man of Steel, DC Comics Grab Zags Zag Toy, Disney Mystery Mini. Easter is almost here but we can always eat Chocolate Eggs in Christmas or any Holiday! THX 4 watching Sorpresa Huevos único huevo chocolate con juguete sorpresa from toychannel Disneycollector. ... Read More

A Fun Pack Christmas

Here is a compilation of all the videos I took during Christmas. There’s clips of everybody opening their presents. The baby is in the last 2 minutes :)
Thanks for watching and we hope everyone had a great holiday season and we wish you all a Happy New Year!
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