Pocoyo Arts & Crafts: Advent Calendar | CHRISTMAS

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Christmas has arrived to Pocoyo’s channel! Enjoy all the Christmas content and have amazing holidays this 2016. Celebrate a funny Christmas with Pocoyo’s crafts and special videos. Christmas for kids has never been this easy!
90 minutes of Pocoyo!
PART 1 → http://youtu.be/dDP-jzPV5fo
PART 2 → http://youtu.be/Xhm1HfmCJ8A
PART 3 → http://youtu.be/GB8itsBy74M... Read More


First of all, we want to send our condolences to everyone dealing with the fires in Tennessee right now. It’s so sad to see such a beautiful place burn. Dollywood was definitely a highlight of our trip to Tennessee. We hope you enjoy this video of our time there! We got to eat their famous cinnamon bread, we rode fantastic and thrilling roller coasters, and we saw some amazing live entertainment! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to give us a THUMBS UP!... Read More

DRINKING FROM A TOILET! DIY Candy HULK POOP SURPRISE EGG Kinder Toy Prank Pet Dinosaur eat Play Doh

Drinking from a toilet DIY Japanese candy kit with Ryan ToysReview! Then Hulk poop out surprise egg! Inside the Kinder egg is a toy car for kids! The Pet Dinosaur T-Rex eat poop Play Doh! Ryan also Prank Daddy with the Squirting Toilet Funny Prank toy! Ryan also squirt water at the huge poop emoji toy! Ryan’s family had fun playing with all of these fun toys for kids! Great Kids video for children for loves playing with poop toys!... Read More