Morphle Beach adventures – Summer Cartoons for Kids with Shark and Construction vehicles

Morphle Playlist: Morphle Playlist:
In this compilation of the kids series My Magic Pet Morphle, Morphle has a lot of different adventures at the beach. He becomes many things like a shark, a digger and a unicorn.... Read More

Маша и Медведь – Три Машкетёра (Ты кто такой?!)👫👭

Новая серия целиком:
Кто может быть благороднее и смелее мушкетёров? Только мушкетёры под предводительством Маши!
Их бравая компашка решается на схватку с волками “кардинала”! Они мастерски владеют шпагами и выходят победителями из любой заварушки! Тысяча свиней, один за всех и все за одного!... Read More

The letter A song | ABC SONG | learn English | learning street with Bob the train

Babies! You want to pay close attention to this video today, because your favorite kindergarten friend Bob the Train, is going to introduce you to a whole new chapter in preschool education. Learning street with Bob the Train is here with its very first episode of fun learning!!
Kids! Please welcome letter A! In this episode Bob introduces his friend, letter A, and talks about the very first letter of the alphabet. In this preschool video you toddlers will learn about things that begin with the letter A. Also, since we promised you children a fun learning experience, we have songs for you as well!... Read More

Bob The Train | Alphabets With Animals | Animals Sound Song | ABC Song | Nursery Rhymes | Baby Songs

Babies, we know your parents can’t always take you to the zoo because of their busy schedule. Bob, the Train knows that too. And that’s why he decided to bring the zoo to you. Kids, this is no ordinary zoo. All the animals are placed alphabetically. So we start with the Alligator and then the Butterfly, the Caterpillar and so on. So you see, Bob, as innovative as he is, has decided it’s best to learn the alphabets with the ABC animals. So little ones, why don’t you join us in this wonderful trip about animals education, and as we go along we’ll sing the rhymes and kid songs to give us company! Yay!... Read More

My Red Police Car in: The Bandits are not Bandits Anymore? – Morphle the superhero videos for Kids!

Morphle Playlist: Morphle Playlist:
This video is a many episode compilation of the ‘My Magic Pet Morphle’ children’s cartoon series. Morphle the cute little superhero can morph into all sorts of things that kids love; like Dinosaurs, cars, race car fire trucks and cute animals.
In this episode, The bandits have given up their evil ways! …or have they?
The other videos are all about the bandits as well and Morphle has to stop them by morphing into many vehicles; like a policecar, helicopter, firetruck, bulldozer and many more!... Read More