Chases Corner Kitchen: DIY Kids Cooking Recipe by Clarence (#3) | DOH MUCH FUN

Jello Variety Pack:
Chase’s Corner Chase & his brother Mike play with fun recipes! They are trying Clarence’s DIY Recipe. We decided to make them bright and colorful but you can even make them for a Halloween treat mix them with Oreos and make them pink or red! :)
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Three Little Kittens | Nursery Rhyme | Songs For Children | Kids Rhymes

One must guess, after all the jumping and singing to 3d nursery rhymes that goes around, our pandas must be really exhausted and in need of some refreshment and yummy food, especially pie. But our 3 little kittens just lost their mittens, and mamma cat refused them any pie. Awww. Now all the pandas are on a hunt for their lovely mittens, so the cute little kittens can have some pie. How about you toddlers join them in their hunt. There’ll be lots more baby songs singing while they all go about the hunt. We promise it’ll be a fun kids video, and what’s more, you’ll all get a share of the lovely pie! Now, doesn’t that sound tempting? Let’s jump in to the rhymes collection! Hurrah! ... Read More

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