Learn Zoo Animals for Kids with Blippi | A Day at the Zoo

Blippi heads to the zoo to learn about zoo animals. This is a fun Blippi video about animals for kids. Your child will learn about zoo animals for kids with Blippi like the polar bear, anteater, penguins, and more! Check out what its like being a zookeeper and behind the scenes of a Zoo with Blippi. Blippi makes fun educational videos for kids and toddlers. If your child loves animals and loves Blippi videos and Blippi songs, then this Blippi zoo video for toddlers is a fun educational video for them! Subscribe to Blippi at https://youtube.com/Blippi?sub_confirmation=1... Read More

Hachaverim Shel Barney – Carnival of Numbers [1998 VHS]|החברים של ברני – קרנבל המספרים

Do you believe you can learn math while having fun? You better believe it, because Barney and his friends are throwing a Carnival of Numbers and you’re all invited! This release of the episode is from a boxset called “Colors and Numbers” (like the Colors and Shapes set released in most English speaking countries and Latin America) which also has the episode “Shapes and Colors” (“Treasure of Rainbow Beard”).... Read More

Children’s Museum. Kids pretend playing. Funny video

This video shows our fun family ride at Children’s City Museum.Its like an indoor playground, but here they learn. Here children have pretended to play, and made various interesting activities. They explored a mouth and saw what’s inside. They saw, as board inside the plane. They found human organs. They discovered how it works airplane engines, how to form a tornado, as seen under a microscope, as I see different animals, art sound and more …..... Read More

Blippi at an Outdoor Children’s Museum | Learn about Fossils and More!

Blippi brings you another one of his educational video for toddlers. Learn about fossils, learn about animals, play musical instruments, and more with Blippi at this outdoor children’s museum. This fun play place for kids is in Los Angeles and Blippi shows how this children’s museum is fun and educational. Watch more Blippi videos and Blippi songs at https://youtube.com/Blippi?sub_confirmation=1... Read More