Bao Panda | Five Little Pandas | 3D Nursery Rhymes From Kids Tv

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00:01 – Bao Panda | Five Little Pandas
02:10 – Bao Panda | Finger Family
04:02 – Bao Panda | Ten In The Bed
06:09 – Wheels On The Bus
07:55 – Daddy’s New Car
10:45 – Finger Family
11:46 – Animals Learn To Count

We can only see blurred black and white stripes. Is there something wrong with our eyes? Oh wait, now we see it. It’s the 5 little pandas jumping on the bed. Look at them kids, they’re jumping up and down and so fast, we can barely make out these cute balls of fur. Do you babies want to join the pandas in a fun game? Hurry up then, we see some place left on the bed. But take care while jumping on the bed, you don’t want to fall off and bump your head. We love fun nursery rhyme time!