Bao Panda | Lets Learn Alphabets | ABC Song For Childrens | Nursery Rhymes For Kids

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00:01 – Bao Panda | Alphabet Song
02:19 – Bao Panda | Learn Numbers
03:21 – Bao Panda | Learn Shapes
04:07 – Finger Family | Pandas
05:57 – Bao Panda | Chubby Cheeks
07:30 – Five Little Pandas
09:40- Bao Panda | Johnny Johnny
10:40 – Ten In The Bed
12:48 – Five Little Pandas Nursery Rhymes
14:58 – Finger Family Song
16:02 – Five Little Pandas

We know you kiddies love the alphabets, and you’re going to love them even more today! Why you ask? Because we’ve brought together the Bao Pandas and the 26 letters of the alphabets. Doesn’t it sound like fun? We can’t wait to see you kiddies hit it off with the Pandas. So press play, quick!