Bao Panda | Lets Learn Shapes | Shapes Song For Kids | Panda

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00:01 – Bao Panda | Shapes
00:45 – Finger Family | Pandas
02:36 – Bao Panda | Numbers
03:36 – Bao Panda | Chubby Cheeks
05:10 – Five Little Pandas
07:20 – Bao Panda | Johnny Johnny
08:19 – Ten In The Bed
10:28 – Five Little Pandas
12:38 – Finger Family Rhyme
13:43 – Five Little Pandas

Want to see the lovely shapes come alive? Let us take you to where our Bao Pandas practice their artistic kung fu. Artistic because, look how the conjure up the shapes, square, rectangle, triangle and diamond, they make it look so easy and of course, so pretty! Aren’t these pandas talented? We can’t take our eyes off them. And judging by the way you babies are looking at them, you can’t either. We’re not complaining 😉 Have fun!