Barney – Colors and Shapes [Hebrew]| החברים של ברני – צורות וצבעים

(Adapted from the Season 1 episode “Treasure of Rainbow Beard”)

Synopsis (courtesy of the video release):
Let’s go on an adventure with Barney and discover the shapes and colors we see every day. On this adventure, you will be surprised by how many colors and shapes there are in the world…

בואו נצא להרפתקה עם ברני ובה נוכל ללמוד, בדרכים שונות ומעניינות, על הצורות והצבעים שאנו פוגשים יום יום. בהרפתקה זו תופתעו לגלות כמה צורות וצבעים יש בעולם..

(c) Lyons Partnership/9Story Media/Roll Communications

(Many thanks to Dinostalgic 90′ for uploading this episode with subtitles. My English translation was made using the subtitles from their upload (and, of course, a little bit of the original episode). I know it’s odd translating something into English that was already translated/adapted from English in the first place, but hey, it’s how I roll here on the Vault)