Barney & Friends Family Marathon [WNET Broadcast] (1993)

At last, a famous (or rather infamous) marathon has been preserved in full.

Join Barney, Tina, Derek, and CPTV Spokeswoman Patrice Pasqual as they look at five favorite Barney & Friends episodes as well as the television premiere of Barney In Concert. Included are some rather infamous pledge segments (read: pretty much “commercials”) that led to complaints urging PBS to change how they do pledge drives. Fascinating stuff, really. This particular broadcast was recorded from Thirteen (WNET) in New York on March 7, 1993.

Many thanks to Meredith Halfond who shared this on and Jeremy Crispo for pointing this out to me.

(c) 1993 CPTV/Lyons Partnership/9 Story Media Group/PBS/WNET