Blippi at the Play Place | Learn About Professions for Children

Blippi visits the play place to learn about different professions. This educational Blippi video give children some ideas of different jobs they can be when they grow up. Blippi shows different things at this play place you can be when you grow up like an artist, a firefighter, a nurse, a farmer, a chef, a police officer, a professional athlete, a pilot and more! Learn about different jobs for children with Blippi. Blippi videos are fun and educational ways to learn about the curiosities of life for children. If your child loves Blippi videos like this Blippi play place and Blippi songs, be sure to subscribe to Blippi at Read More

“Alphabet Farm” – ABC Alphabet Song for Preschool | Learn ABCs around the farm

Let’s learn the alphabet and phonic sounds as we explore the farm! What things can you see around the farm? Make the phonics sounds with Bounce Patrol and learn the alphabet. A fun song for teaching toddlers letter recognition and alphabet sounds in preparation for kindergarten. Help your preschooler get ready to read with this fun alphabet activity. Let’s make alphabet sounds around the farm!... Read More