Chase’s Corner: JUMPING JACK CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE GAME w/ Marshmallow Poop! (#34) | DOH MUCH FUN

HAVE A HAPPY EASTER! Chase, Mom & Dad are playing with JUMPING JACK! It’s a fun game where you make him pop into the air and you have to catch him to win! Then Chase plays the mini-marshmallow Chubby Bunny challenge! Thumbs up for all the fun!

Jumping Jack, catch him and win! This super cool bunny has planted a carrot garden around his hill. The only way to get him to jump off the hill is to pick the right carrot. The youngest player starts by flicking the spinner to see how many carrots to pull from Jack’s bunny hill. Play will continue until pulling out the carrot that makes Jack jump. Catch him to win!


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