Daddy goes to JAIL! | BRAND NEW | Cartoons for Kids | Morphle TV

Enjoy This Morphle and friends special compilation featuring some of your favourite My Magic Pet Morphle episodes including ‘Daddy in Jail, Peter Freeze in jail, Giant Cars and more’.

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In this compilation of the My Magic Pet Morphle cartoon Morphle morphs into all sorts of things like a T-Rex, Dinosaurs, Triceratops, an Ambulance, Monster Truck, a truck, a dump truck a fire truck, bus, a crane. other vehicles, dinosaurs, animals and a robot.

‘My Magic Pet Morphle’ is an animated hit tv show for toddlers and older kids. But because of it’s fun colors and sounds it is even popular with babies. Morphle can morph into anything his human companion Mila wants. From dinosaus to cars, construction vehicles like diggers, dumptrucks and cranes to pets like cats dogs and lions! All our episodes have an educational core to them so that your kids can learn about things like shapes, numbers and colors.

0:00 Daddy in Jail
4:20 The Dinosaur Race
8:23 The Storm Bandits
12:45 Peter Freeze in jail
17:16 Morphle the Giant Robot Protects The City
21:16 Super Soccer
27:00 The Magic Pet Flu
31:30 A Day with Officer Freeze
35:42 The Gravity Bandits Part II
40:11 Morphle Helps The Award Guy
42:38 Field Trip To The Jungle
44:52 Giant Cars
49:30 Toys Play Hide And Seek
53:17 Teddy Bears Everywhere
57:45 Morphle Builds Houses

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