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Wonder what is out there in the galaxy far far away?
Find out with Pinkfong by singing along to Pinkfong’s brand new “Space Songs” Series!

Learn about Earth, the green planet filled with life through Pinkfong’s fun planet song!

You are watching “Earth”, a super fun planet song for kids, created by Pinkfong!

★ Lyrics

You look like a beautiful, blue marble!
Who are you?”
“Oh! Hi!”

I am Earth, home of life.
Going around the hot, hot Sun.
Only one with water and life.
That’s why planets envy me.

I am Earth!
I am Earth!
I am Earth!

“Wow! Amazing!”

I am Earth, green and blue.
Green mountain
and blue, blue sea.
Homes light up
like stars at night.

“So bright!”

One and only special Earth.
I am Earth!
I am Earth!
I am Earth!

“Yes, right!”

Beautiful Earth!
Beautiful Earth!
Beautiful Earth!

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