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Milo is making a list of all the things he likes, but his list is getting really really long! So he made a song to help him! Enjoy Milo’s song, I Like You, plus many more kids songs from Super Simple Songs!

Lyrics to I Like You:
I like to sing songs
I like to ride my bike
I like to play games
I like to go on hikes
And I really really really like you

I like to read books
I like to watch TV
I like to run around
I like to climb trees
And I really really really like you

I like to sing with you
I like to dance with you
I like to play hide ‘n seek all day
And I like to be with you

I like to jump rope
I like to count the stars
I like to walk my dog
I like to play guitar
And I really really really really really really really like you!!

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