Learn Colors Collection 3D – Teach Colours for Kids Baby Toddler with Balloon Show & Nursery Rhymes

Learn Colors Collection 3D – Teach Colours for Kids Baby Toddlers. Learn Colors For Children with Lollipop, Balloon Show, Color Paint Machine and Nursery Rhymes Kids Songs. Learn the English word of colors, learn-a-word per scene : Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Brown, Turquoise, Gray Black and White. A fun & educational video for kids, toddlers, babies & all people who enjoy cute and educative animations.

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Educational videos and songs for children! We have developed the Animated Surprise Eggs animations. Their purpose is simple: merge fun and education. Enjoy the beautiful World of Animated Surprise Eggs TV – Available to watch for free & in full 1080 HD.

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