Learn Colors of Rainbow with Bathtub Fingerpaint and Play Doh Scoops ‘n Treats Rainbow Popsicles

Disney Collector presents this awesome Play Doh Ice Cream Set Scoops ‘n Treats on how to DIY do-it-yourself playdough Desserts and play-doh ice ceams. So lets make a rainbow popsicle.

Here’s how IceCream is called in other languages: crème glacée, sorvete, helado, gelato, gelato, eiscreme, παγωτό, lody, アイスクリーム, мороженое, zmrzlina, sorvete de picolé, ghiacciolo, アイスキャンデー, picolé, эскимо, isglass, paleta.

Rainbow also called Reggebogge, Arcoíris, Arc-en-ciel, Regnbue, Arcobaleno, Arco-iris, Радуга, 무지개, Tęcza,