LEGO Duplo Sofia’s Royal Stable 10594 with Minimus her Pegasus Pony From Disney Sofia the First

This is the new 2015 Lego Duplo Sofia’s Royal Stable 10594 from her cartoon Disney Sofia the First presented by DCtoysCollector. This is an easy-to-build stable with flying Pegasus Pony Minimus and accessories such as a fork and hay. Decorated blocks include carrots to feed Minimus and the royal crest. Also check out my review of Lego-Duplo Sofia’s Royal Castle 10595 for more magical adventures. This set is also called: Jeu De Construction L’écurie Royale, Königlicher Stall, La Scuderia Reale, レゴ デュプロ ちいさなプリンセス ソフィア “おしろのウマ”.

Get ready for the royal riding with Princess Sofia and her magical flying horse, Minimus the Great! You can help Sofia become the first princess ever to compete for her school flying derby team! Build a cozy stable for Minimus to get a good night’s sleep before a busy day of practicing his show jumping skills over the fences. Even princesses need to look after their animal friends, so feed Minimus his favorite treats of hay and carrots and use the fork to keep his stable clean, tidy and fit for royalty. These blocks are fun and safe for little hands.

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de La Princesa Sofía y su caballo Minimus para niños y niñas. Minimus es un poni volador y amigo de la princesita. Mira otros vídeos de juguetes en mi canal de juegos.

Here’s how blocks is also called in other languages: Juego de Bloques, Blocs de jeu, Blocks Spiel, Blocchi del gioco, παιχνίδι μπλοκ, Блок игра, jeux de blocs, jogos de blocos, bausteine, bouwstenen, building blocks, bloques de construcción, δομικά στοιχεία, blocos de construção, juguetes de construcción, giochi di costruzione, ブロック おもちゃ, brinquedos de construção, jogo de blocos, Konstruktionsspielzeug, メガブロック, Construis et Joue, Jeu De Construction, Construye Y Juega, blocos de montar.

Princess Sofia the First is one of the most popular new shows on Disney Junior Channel for toddlers and preschool children. Helping in her journey are 3 Fairies Fauna, Flora and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty. Princess Sofia has an amulet with magical powers that allows her to talk with animals called “The Amulet of Avalor”. According to Princess Cinderella, the magic Amulet connects to all Disney princesses like: Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Show is also called: Princesita Sofía Había Una Vez, Sofia la Principessa, Jej Wysokość Zosia, ちいさなプリンセス ソフィア, Princesinha Sofia Era Uma Vez, Princesa Sofia, La Princesa Sofía, Princesinha Sofia, Princesse Sofia, Prinzessin Sofia, Principessa Sofia, πριγκίπισσα Σοφία, принцесса София, 공주 소피아, プリンセスソフィア

Princesita Sofía la Primera es nueva serie animada Disney Junior. Su amuleto le permite hablar con los animales. La Principessa Sophie pide ayuda a las tres hadas: Flora, Fauna y Primavera, de la película clásica de La bella Durmiente. Gracias a un amuleto mágico, que serán asistidos por otras princesas de Disney: Sereia Ariel, Princesita Anna y Elsa Frozen El reino del Hielo.

Here’s how Princess is called in other languages: Princesas Disney, Princesses Disney, Disney Prinzessinnen, Principesse Disney, Princesas da Disney, Disney πριγκίπισσες, Дисней принцесс, 디즈니 공주, Prinses, ディズニーのお姫様, Vorstin, koningsdochter, Prinzessin, Fürstin, πριγκίπισσα, principessa, księżniczka, królewna, принцесса.

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