Michael Visits the Emergency Room

Babies shouldn’t be allowed to get hurt!!!! My sweet Michael was playing RIGHT by me (literally had one hand touching my knee when he fell) and somehow fell just right and broke a bone!!! I am horrified!! My big kids have never broken a bone 🙁 I am VERY glad I went on my intuition and took him to the doctor, because he did cry when he fell but then he went on acting normal, playing, climbing, etc, so I wondered if he had just been extra sensitive about falling down (even though he falls at least 10 times a day by tripping on his own feet, falling over his toys, poor balance, etc) I just had a feeling he wasn’t OK though, so I took him in the next morning to his doctor, and his doctor thought he might have strained it because Michael was acting so normal, but when the doctor twisted his wrist, Michael cried, so he ordered the X-Ray. I admit, I was almost in tears when the X-Ray technician showed me the xray before we went back to the doctor’s office. The X-Ray tech said he wasn’t supposed to show me the xray but he let me see it anyway, and it was obvious something was wrong with Michael’s bone. My poor, sweet, perfect baby!!! I am still trying to figure out how he got SO hurt by the tiniest fall…it just doesn’t make sense! Anyway, we will update over the next few weeks on Michaels progress. So far he is still in great spirits, not fussy at all.
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