Microsoft ActiMates Introductory Video [1998 Edition] – With ActiMates Commentary

This upload of the 1998 Actimates TV Pack video not only shows how to set up the transmitter, but contains commentary from the ActiMates dolls themselves (Barney, Arthur, and D.W.). The very commentary you hear is recorded directly from the dolls and is what they would say while the video is playing. Hope you guys enjoy this one! (I might do Stu-u-u-pendous Puzzle Fun in the same way if folks are interested).

For those who don’t want pesky doll commentary in their TV Pack set ups, here’s a link to the raw video (Or you could watch the 1999 one, but this one’s more fun):

ActiMates logo on title card recreated by C-E-Studios:
Title card created by SonicHOG (i.e. the guy who runs The Barney Vault)

Barney © Lyons Partnership/Mattel/9 Story
Arthur © Cookie Jar Entertainment/WGBH
Video © 1998 Microsoft