Play Doh Minions Stamp & Roll Set Despicable Me Toys NEW Official Toy Review Illumination 2015

This is the new Play Doh Minions Stamp and Roll Despicable Me. Make your own Minions Mayhem with a wacky Play-Doh race. With pogo stick versus unicycle and One-eyed Minion versus 2. Pop the Minions on their unicycle roller and pogo stick stamper to give them a ride and then race them across some Play-Dough compound. The stamper and roller shape crazy bananas, sirens and other Minion essentials for the most hilarious race you can imagine. Despicable Me and Minion characters are trademarks of Universal Studios. This is a brand new 2015 toy from Hasbro. Also called: Corrida de Minions, Carrera de Minions, Course aux Étampes, sello y rollo, stämpel och rulle, timbre et rouleau.

Minions are small yellow creatures with one-eyed or two eyes who have existed since the beginning of time. They are fiercely loyal to Gru and Dr. Nefario. There are also the Evil Minions like Purple. DespicableMe has Steve Carell as Gru, a super-villain who adopts three girls from an orphanage; and the voice of Jason Segel as Vector, a rival of Gru who steals the Great Pyramid of Giza. They also have their own film produced by Illumination Entertainment for Universal Pictures for 2015.

DespicableMe is also called in other languages: Meu Malvado Favorito, Gru O Maldisposto, Ich Einfach unverbesserlich, Moi moche et méchant, Détestable moi, Cattivissimo me, 怪盗グルーの月泥棒, Гадкий я, Jak ukraść księżyc, Грозан ја.

Revisión del juguete de plastilina para niños y niñas “Play Doh Los Minions” llamado Carrera de Minions. Muñeco de la Pelicula Mi Villano Favorito.

Here’s how playdoh is also called; plastilina, pasta de modelar, arcilla, juegos de moldear, juegos de modelar, manualidades, Softee-Dough, Moon-Dough, Clay, Modeling clay, Plastilina, Plasticine, Pâte à modeler, Modelliermasse, Plastilin, Plastiline, Plasticina, Massa de modelar, Massinhas de modelar, Modellera, Crayola, πλαστελίνη, пластилин, лепка из глины, 플라, 점토, プラスティシーン, 粘土.

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