SHOPKINS COLLECTION of Micro Lite Blind Bags + Surprise Baskets & Toys by DisneyCarToys

Shopkins complete set of Micro Lites blind bags. Entire box of Shopkins surprise toys with entire collection of light up new Shopkins. DisneyCarToys Sandra and Spidey also open surprise shopping baskets to add to our collection!

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This video features the entire collection of Shopkins Petkins

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SHOPKINS SEASON 3 Giant Unboxing with Blind Baskets Surprise Toy Bags, 12 Pack & More

SHOPKINS PARTY!!! Giant Surprise Shopkins Lippy Lips & Surprise Toys Pinata & Rare GEMMA STONE

Shopkins SEASON 4 ENTIRE COLLECTION of Petkins Complete Set in Giant Surprise Toys Kitty Litter Box

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NEW SHOPKINS 12 Pack Opening With Disney Princess Magic Clip Dolls, Barbie, Spiderman & Rare Edition

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