Teletubbies Stacking Cups Bubble Guppies Surprise Play-Doh Kinder Shopkins Huevos Sorpresa

This is the Teletubbies Stacking Cups Surprise with Tinky Winky Dipsy La-La and Po. I’m also Unboxing Chocolate Surprise Eggs from Disney Frozen Marshmallow Snowman, Shopkins Season2 Shopping Basket, Bubble Guppies Surprise Molly, Play-Doh and Kinder Surprise Disney Fairies. Thx 4 watching another Unboxing from ToysCollector.

Teletubbies is a British BBC children’s television cartoon targeted at preschool children as well as toddlers and infants about alien species with television screens. They talkin infantile gibberish or babbling just like babies.