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For every kid who loves dinosaurs and trucks, here’s a list of all the dinosaur and truck songs. (and more, definitely.)
Everybody, watch our newly updated kids song collection and meet your favorite Pinkfong friends. (ノ゚ο゚)ノ

★ The Best Songs of Jan & Feb 2017 Compilation:
1 Are You My Mom?
2 Monster Trucks in the Jungle
3 Cheetah
4 The Diary of T-Rex, the Hunter
5 D-D-D-Dragonfly
6 My Pet, My Buddy
7 Who Am I
8 T-Rex VS Monster Truck
9 Panda
10 If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive
11 Baby Animals
12 The Great Dino Race
13 Glug Glug Glug
14 Peek-a-Zoo
15 Animal-Saurus
16 Telling Time 2
17 Koala
18 Monster Truck Team
19 Where Did the Dinosaurs Go
20 Fin in Bin
21 The Love oh Mama Maiasaura
22 Camel
23 Dig It Up
24 Centipedes 100 Shoes
25 I’m a Monster Truck
26 Polar Bear
27 The Head-butting Master, Pachycephalosaurus
28 My Daily Tick tock
29 Big Pig
30 Move Like the Dinosaurs
31 Elephant
32 The Cool Horns of Triceratops
33 I Met a Vet
34 Zebra
35 Pteranodon, the Chatterbox
36 Rock a Bye, Baby

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