The Land of Make Believe – CD

I’ve had this for years but never really thought of uploading it..but here it is!


-The Land of Make Believe (0:00)
-The Wheels on the Bus (1:25)
-The Library (3:01)
-That’s What an Island Is (4:32)
-If I Lived Under the Sea (6:13)
-Jungle Adventure (7:45)
-The Not-So-Magical Magician (9:25)
-Colors Make Me Happy (11:18)
-Everybody Needs a Nap (12:47)
-The Ants Go Marching (14:13)
-Please and Thank You (16:05)
-It’s Time to Celebrate (17:16)
-It’s Good to Be Home (18:54)
-I Love You (20:20)