I See Something Blue

Use this simple song to learn and review colors. Then use the language from the song to play the I See Something… Game as you look around the classroom, at home, or in the car for more colors. ... Read More

Uh-Huh! | Super Simple Songs

This is a simple song for teaching “yes” and “no” to young learners.
We’ve got an all new, high quality version of the Uh-Huh! song on the first Super Simple Songs DVD.
DVD: http://bit.ly/SuperSimpleSongsDVD_Amazon
iTunes: http://bit.ly/Uh-Huh_iTunes
Amazon: http://bit.ly/SuperSimpleSongsDVD_Amazon... Read More

ABC Song with Cute Ending

This ABC Song is one of the most popular ABC songs for children.
We slow the song down and speak the letters very clearly so that young learners can easily sing along with each letter. 
This ABC song is good for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kids of all ages!... Read More