Supa Strikas – Match Day! ⚽ | Top 3 Matches: Season 4 | Compilation | Soccer Cartoon for Kids!

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Field of Vision – Nobody touches El Matador’s glasses, OK?! And when someone DOES touch them the consequences are radical… in this case for El Matador and his teammates, because it’s Toni Vern who’s doing the touching. Ninjas, UFOs, zombies and a TRex… all in a day’s work for the Latin master!

Live and Kicking – Shakes must face all his Super League rivals in a mysterious, invite-only soccer tournament on a private island. From booby-trapped jungle gauntlets to a volcano-top soccer pitch, skill, endurance and friendship are tested to the limit. But is “Soccer Island” REALLY just for the greatest soccer players in the world?

Dat Boot – Supa Strikas’ unusual preparation for Iron Tank is rudely interrupted when a submarine barges through the surface of the iceberg they are training on. Colonel Von Pushup’s men propose a friendly game but their real intention is to steal Coach’s new hi-tech practice ball… and the secret it holds ahead of the team’s clash at the Fortress Stadium.

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