Supa Strikas – Match Day! ⚽ | Top 3 Matches: Season 5 | Compilation | Soccer Cartoon for Kids!

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00:00 Cool Joe and The Comet
It’s the biggest astrological event of the century: Supa Strikas take on Orion FC as a massive asteroid passes Earth. But Orion have to deal with another force of nature – Cool Joe’s “corkscrew” cross. But, with everyone looking up at the astreroid, can the Men in Red keep their eyes on goal?

10:32 Cheer and Loafing in Las Vegas
Supa Strikas are in glitzy Las Vegas to take on Cosmos FC. Coach soon becomes concerned that El Matador is being distracted by the big city lights, and moves the team into a cheap motel on the outskirts of town. Horrified, El Matador does a disappearing act on the eve of the big match. But in Las Vegas… all is NOT what it seems!

18:15 Total Replay
Prof’s brand new VR soccer simulator allows Supa Strikas to play against the Super League’s greatest legends… and it feels 100% real! Shakes believes this is his key to winning the semi-final derby against Invincible United. But… so does Skarra! Can Shakes escape a malfunctioning virtual world and deliver a can o’whipass to his archrival?!

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