Supa Strikas – Match Day! ⚽ | Top 3 Matches: Season 5 | Compilation | Soccer Cartoon for Kids!

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No Man’s Island
With the story-hungry press hounding Supa Strikas at every turn, the Men in Red escape to a private island for their pre-season training. But the guys discover they’re not the only team looking for some peace and quiet. Soon, Dancing Rasta must lead the guys against their arch-rivals, in a gruelling game of cross-country soccer.

Man in the Iron Tank Mask
Things are going well for Klaus – he’s creating goals for his teammates AND he’s been offered the lead role in a cheesy super hero TV show. But Klaus’ success defeating imaginary villains makes him want a starring role on the pitch. And soon Supa Strikas are scoring fewer goals. An unfortunate set of circumstances… or the work of the ruthless Iron Tank?

Depth Charge
After a tour of Hydra’s remarkable homeground, the Floating Stadium, North Shaw and Liquido’s rivalry flares up, leading to an explosive underwater race. With the stadium stuck on the sea floor, can the rivals work together to raise the stadium before it fills with water… and before the fans ask for their money back?

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