Supa Strikas – Match Day! ⚽ | Top 3 Matches: Season 6 | Compilation | Soccer Cartoon for Kids!

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00:00 Greetings From Sunny Feratuvia
With the Strika Jet grounded due to icy weather, the Men in Red take a bus trip to Feratuvia, the home ground of Grimm FC. On the way they realise that El Matador’s live stream, Klaus’s constant bathroom breaks, and a creepy Grimm FC gift shop are the least of their worries, as the forests of Feratuvia hold something much more terrifying…

05:30 Training Daze
Supa Strikas head into the Secret Training Compound after losing to Invincible United, ready to face Coach’s wrath, but nothing could have prepared them for the intensive training machines Prof has built. To add injury to insult, rival coach, Toni Vern, has a mysterious food truck in the desert outside the compound, where he plans to cook up some nefarious schemes. This is one training session the Supa Strikas, Coach and Prof will never forget.

10:22 Cool Aid
Cool Joe is deep in his groove, and crossing like a champion. To top off his great form, he recieves a mysterious golden letter – his vocal talents are needed for a new charity song, to be produced by the legendary DJ Midas Touch! Cool Joe doesn’t hesitate, and joins a host of other Super League players in the studio. But when the recording session doesn’t go as planned for Cool Joe, the song isn’t the only thing that goes off key.

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