New Sister For Alyssa!!

After we showed you guys how we packed for 3 months of being away from home, a lot of you asked how we entertain our kids for such long periods of time in the car. Today I’m going to discuss just that! Also, Michael lost a tooth (he may or may not have pulled it on his OWN!!) and we have fun cousin time and a lot more! Be sure to watch till the end! Thanks to Penguin Books for sponsoring this video, we couldn’t think of a more fitting partner, since our kids already love MadLib Books!
Check out the books I was reading with the kids:
Dog at My MadLibs:
Avengers MadLibs:
Unicorns, Mermaids, and MadLibs:
Star Wars MadLibs:
Vacation Fun MadLibs:
Frozen MadLibs:
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