Barney & Friends – #211 The Exercise Circus!

Tina’s ready to play in a big way after getting her
cast removed, and the kids suggest staging a play-
ground circus. Michael, the Ringmaster, introduces:
Barney, the Balancing Dinosaur; Derek, the Juggler;
and the Tightrope Twins, Terrific Tina and
Magnificent Min. Special Guest Joe Scruggs sings a
song that really sets off the silliness, but, in the end.
the kids leam that exercise is good for your body
and can still be lots of fun. Barney also reminds us
that hugging is an exercise that’s good for the heart!

Barney Theme Song
The Exercise Song
Taking Turns
The Clapping Song
The Marching Song
Snackin’ On Healthy Food
Wiggle in My Toe
If All the Raindrops
I Love You

‘Barney’s Fun & Games’

Barney and the Backyard Gang™ and Barney & Friends™ were originally developed by Sheryl Leach, Kathy Parker and Dennis DeShazer.

Barney the dinosaur was created to celebrate children and childhood. It is our dream to have Barney become a child’s lifetime friend.

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