Blippi Learns Colors Of The Rainbow With The Penguins Love Colors Book | Educational Videos For Kids

In this fun Blippi episode for kids Blippi learns colors of the rainbow with Sarah Aspinall’s beloved children’s book ‘Penguins Love Colors’. Blippi has fun with spin art and painting. This fun video for kids teaches children about Reading, Colors, Arts and Crafts, Shapes and fun learning for toddlers.. Blippi learns and teaches toddlers. This Blippi episode for kids is a great way for your children to learn things like – Creativity – Art – Learning Colors For Kids, Learning Shapes For Kids, Learning Numbers For Kids, Learning Animals!. Blippi makes educational videos for children where he explores the real world to explore the curiosity of our children.
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For a printable step by step guide on how to make a rainbow garden just like Blippi’s visit Sarah Aspinall here:
You can find out more about Penguins Love Colors there, too!
Instagram: @sarahaspinallcreates
Sarah Aspinall CreatesSarah Aspinall Creates
Blippi! — Sarah Aspinall Creates
Sarah Aspinall meet’s Blippi! Turns out he’s a huge fan of her book, Penguins Love Colors, she even created a colorful rainbow garden art project, especially for him! Find out more and download the activity guide right here!

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