Dinosaur Vacation Song – Let’s Go And Explore! T-Rex Ranch Dinosaur Music for Kids!

It’s a dinosaur vacation! Sing along to this collection of T-Rex Ranch dinosaur songs!
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Dinosaur Adventure Stories:

Newest Adventures:

The Adventures of Aaron & LB:

0:00 Dinosaur Vacation Song – Let’s Go And Explore
2:29 Raptor Song
4:29 Pranks Song – They Didn’t Even Know it Was Coming
6:09 Hail T-Bone the T-Rex King
8:11 Oops Song – Slipping and Sliding
10:16 Walkie Talkie
12:21 What Does it take to be a Park Ranger
14:21 Dinosaur Fossils Song – A Long Long Time Ago
16:30 Oh Snap! Science Song – Let’s Make Some Chemicals
18:25 The Game Is On – Watch Out Here We Come!
20:29 Keep Running – The Dinosaurs Are Coming!
22:40 Helping Hand Song – Can’t Do it by Yourself
24:19 Despicable G Song – He Wants the Dino Park
25:54 Chomp and Raw Song – Like a Dinosaur
27:44 Herbie The Herbivore Song – The Plant Eating Dinosaur
29:54 Oh Man – You Can Do Anything

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