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How history got its name? Timelume™ Educational Videos

Conceived by Dr.Pradeep Chakravarthy
Dr. Pradeep Chakravarthy is a graduate of the London School of Economics and JNU and has a PhD in history.To know more about him please visit –
This Timelume™ series was produced by ChuChu TV Studios LLP.

Why is it called History?
And not “her story”!
Are women and girls not talked about in History?

That’s not true, Chiku!
Let me tell you how History got its name!
The English language we speak in is based on a language called Latin.
And Latin is based on the Greek language.
And in ancient Greece the people who kept asking questions were called historia!

Do you mean questions like “why and when did something happen and…”?

So the “historia” were people like ChaCha!

The historia asked questions.
Only because they were smart.
You see, when we ask questions, we learn a lot more!


And so “historia” became History and….

ChaCha will never stop asking questions!

He’s our very own historia!