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★ Lyrics

My body, my choice.
It belongs to me.

My body is so special.
It belongs to me.
Wash myself, squeaky clean.
Staying healthy everyday.
Soft, soft, good touch.
Poke, poke, bad touch.
Say it loud with confidence.

I’m feeling cozy
and comfortable.
Good touch!
Getting hugs
from mom and dad.
Good touch!

I’m feeling scared
and uncomfortable.
Bad touch!
Please don’t come
into my personal bubble.
Bad touch!

I feel uncomfortable.
I’m sorry.

My body is so special.
It belongs to me.
No one else but me can see,
only if I say ok.
If somebody tries to touch
without asking me first,
shout it loud with confidence.

It’s my body.
It’s my choice.
Nice and loud with confidence!

Somebody help me!
Somebody help me!

My body is so special.
It belongs to me.
It’s my body
and it’s my choice.

EDEN Records, Catherine Bommie Han, Sarah Bock, Sharon Youngmee Kwon, Michael Yantzi David

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