Oops! Slipping and Sliding Song, Plus More Dinosaur Songs by T-Rex Ranch!

In this awesome dinosaur song for kids, learn how to trust in yourself so you don’t keep slipping and sliding around! Plus any more awesome dinosaur songs for kids!
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Dinosaur Adventure Stories:

Newest Adventures:

The Adventures of Aaron & LB:

0:00 Oops Song – Slipping and Sliding
2:06 Pranks Song – They Didn’t Even Know it Was Coming
3:46 Dinosaur Vacation Song – Let’s Go And Explore
6:15 What Does it take to be a Park Ranger
8:15 Chomp and Raw Song – Like a Dinosaur
10:04 Helping Hand Song – Can’t Do it by Yourself
11:43 Walkie Talkie
13:48 Keep Running – The Dinosaurs Are Coming!
15:59 The Place I Wanna Be
16:50 Herbie The Herbivore Song – The Plant Eating Dinosaur
19:01 Oh Man – You Can Do Anything
21:21 Despicable G Song – He Wants the Dino Park
22:57 Hail T-Bone the T-Rex King
24:58 Oh Snap! Science Song – Let’s Make Some Chemicals
26:53 Dinosaur Fossils Song – A Long Long Time Ago
29:03 The Game Is On – Watch Out Here We Come!
31:07 Cracking Dinosaur Surprise Eggs – What’s Over There?
33:04 Raptor Song

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